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The decentralized future

The decentralized future



Everything Web3


You may have heard about the word being branded about in conversation or in business circles, so what is going on? what is web3? Why should you be taking notice? You don’t hear much about it in the main stream media all you hear is about Bitcoin? But when you start taking a deeper look you will see that things are much more evolved and advanced then you first released. Many businesses who can see the future and want to get across the start line first are already preparing for this new Era.

The Developers are no longer talking about building a website or App for an iPhone. They are talking about solving real world problems using blockchain technology. You see the new technology that makes all this possible is called the Blockchain. This is Arguably this technology is one of the greatest inventions of this century, and is going to reshape the world in the way we all do business.

It was first invented in the 1990,s and then became a mainstream name in 2008 when Bitcoin used the technology to start the first cryptocurrency. In a simple form the blockchain acts as a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is responsible for keeping a permanent record (chain of blocks) of all previously confirmed transactions. It’s a technology that is unlimited by its scale and records every transaction by creating a new block for each transaction that can never be changed or corrupted ever.

All cryptocurrencies use this technology, but it doesn’t stop there. Today 1000,s of companies are using the Blockchain technology to solve real live problems around the world.

In the not too distant future all businesses will use this technology to make them run more efficiently and produce less waste and reduce labour costs. If you look at it this way businesses today are running on an old diesel fuel. Blockchain is the new rocket fuel for the world making things possible that where never possible before.

Platforms are already being developed to sell real estate, Invest in real estate, restaurant food ordering, food distribution, healthcare, education, retail, publishing, entertainment, fitness, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and many more.

I know it’s hard to imagine today a new way of doing things and a new world but as a business owner you can’t ignore it. You have time to learn more about this today so don’t worry if its not making much sense at the moment.

White label Platforms are being built to tokenise real estate where you can buy a fractional share in a property and land or other real world assets. So the unaffordable investments will soon be available to the masses. Anyone can buy a stake in property, which will increase sales.

Tokenization is going to be so big you will soon be able to buy a share in just about anything even your company if you so choose. this raising valuable capital for a non liquid asset. All this is not coming in 10 years it is all starting to be developed today.

If you would like to keep updated on the latest’s platforms and projects coming into this space on a regular basis so you don’t miss anything simply subscribe to our Market Place and we shall send you all the latest updates. We include all Tokenisation platforms and Dapps on our market place for you to review




You may have heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but did you know that there are over 21,000 cryptocurrencies or tokens in the blockchain world?. These run on different networks like Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon Mainnet, and Binance Smart Chain.

You can buy any of these Cryptocurrencies as a investment in their protocol or business idea, and sell them back at anytime to the currency of your country called a fiat wallet.

So, you could look at a cryptocurrency as a business that is using its protocol on the blockchain to serve as a utility to solve an real life problem in the world. You can buy their Token like buying shares in a company from any of the leading Crypto exchanges.

All crypto currencies use tokenomics this refers to the structure of a cryptocurrency economy as designed by its creators. These factors used by investors include Token Supply, Token Utility, Token Distribution, Token burn rate and crucially incentive mechanisms.


Digital Art NFT


You might not be new to investing in the real world where people buy and sell Art and Collectables, Fine wine, Vintage Cars and invest in Real Estate. But recently there has been a new phenomenon called NFT’s or Non Fungible Tokens. With your Etherum you can connect to sites like Opensea who are one of the biggest agents to buy Digital Art, Land, and even stars and galaxies.

If you think this sounds crazy investors are making money like in the real world from buying and selling NFT Collections. When you own a NFT from that collection you become part of the community and a member in their chat hosted on a platform called Discord. You can receive rewards and qualify for events both in the Metroverse and the real world. We include these NFT projects on our market place for you to review. If you are looking to start your own NFT collection check out these guys




Companies Like are building whole towns with shopping malls and beach side homes and land. They have estate agents where you can purchase the real estate and also rental agents where you can rent it to a company to advertise their products of services from the real world or build their office. You will also be able to purchase shop units.  You will be able to create your own avatar to walk around the town and interact and purchase products, services and have them delivered or respond in the real world. For example you could purchase a car pay for it in the cryptocurrency of that Metaverse and have it delivered to your house.

The possibilities are endless and unlimited as more and more companies create their space in the Metroverse.

As you can imagine the big investment in the early adoption is to purchase land early and rent it to companies to earn yourself a passive income like you would in the real world.  All income generated in the Metroverse would be paid in cryptocurrency of that Metaverse direct to you digital wallet. From there you can change into what ever currency you choose or use it on your debit card. Yes, cryptocurrency exchanges now have a debit cards you can use in the real world to spend your cryptocurrency once you have changed it in your wallet to fiat currency.


Join with us today and lets help shape the future together and find everything web3 in our market place. Introduce others to the Web3 world and help show them what is coming.



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