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Promote Your Web3 Project

Promote Your Web3 Project

We will awaken them to Web3, capture the audience and enlighten them to your project


Promote Your Web3 Project


Marketing your Web3 project is essential if you want to attract interest and drive engagement in your new business. Web3 has become a new buzzword around the world as the new decentralized tool for hundreds of applications that use blockchain technology.

If you are a Web3 Developer, have a Web3 business or offer services in the Web3 space, you may be wondering how to promote your Web3 project. How is marketing your Web3 project different, compared to traditional methods that are used in Web2?


Well, here at infiniteweb3 we believe that you have to use ALL the marketing methods available, in both the new Web3 world as well as the Web2 world, because billions of businesses haven’t heard about Web3, and don’t know what it is. If you have developed a new project that can solve a problem for a particular industry, then that industry needs to know about it. But they are unlikely to come looking for it – you have to approach THEM and tell them how you can help! This is where Infiniteweb3 comes into its own with our targeted campaigns and fixed cost marketing Package.


Let’s take real estate tokenization for instance. Suppose you develop a new method for tokenizing real estate that offers advantages over existing methods. To promote your Web3 project, you will have to approach traditional property investors and property agents first and tell them about the benefits and advantages of your new method of tokenization.

This new way of investing in property is soon to become a 5 billion dollar industry. But this is just the start. Soon, you will be able to tokenize just about any real-world asset!

Here at infiniteweb3 we don’t just market to people in the Web3 space – we find people who are still in the Web2 world, and bring these new people into the Web3 space, and to YOUR project.


Potential Growth of Web3

Why would you want to market your Web3 project? It’s all about the opportunities for growth and earnings that are just around the corner. Let’s take a look at how the Web3 world is going to expand and revolutionize the way we work and interact. Here are a few areas where blockchain is changing the world:


Tokenization of real estate, which allows the fractionalization of a physical building into tokens, where each token represents a fixed fraction of the building. It may be a condo, an office block, or luxury holiday resort – or anything in between. This makes investing in the real estate market much more accessible. Tokenization a new method of investing in property is soon to become a 5 billion dollar industry. But this is just the start. Soon, you will be able to tokenize just about any real-world asset!


NFTs; The non-fungible token (NFT) market is primed for massive growth over the next five years, (although it has experienced a dip recently), with a projected market capitalization of over $80 billion by 2025.


Digital wallets. According to reports, more than 5 billion people will be using digital wallets by 2026. This will be spurred on by new apps that will make it easier to make payments using cryptocurrencies. It has been predicted that 75% of the population of Vietnam, Thailand, and The Philippines will be using digital wallets by 2026, representing the fastest growth rate in the world.


The way people are working and conducting their business has changed dramatically over the last few years due to technological developments and companies like ZOOM. Covid lock-downs resulted in many people working from home, and this has now become the ‘new normal’. Every day, new Web3 projects are being launched, and they all want to promote their business. It’s an innovative space with new projects set to change the world and the way we all do business.


Over 3,000 new Web3 developers are joining the space every month as the potential starts to gather pace. There is competition out there, and you need to market YOUR Web3 project aggressively if you want to attract attention and engagement.


Are you a Web3 Company?

Are you wondering how to promote your Web3 Project? Are you looking for new people who might be interested in using your product, project or service? We can help.

We want to introduce new people to the Web3 world by explaining the benefits, the possibilities, and showing them your Web3 business or project.

You can contact us here to book a 15min call


Here are some of the methods and techniques that infiniteweb3 uses to attract attention, stimulate interest and achieve engagement for your Web3 project.


   SEO optimization

To get your business noticed by people who are looking for new projects and ideas, you need to be on the first page of search engine results for your relevant keywords and search terms. This can be achieved by using relevant keywords that are in demand, writing good content about the subjects your project is involved in, and following the rules set out by Google.Our team has over 15 years of experience in this field.


Social Media

Social media is an essential tool for advertising your project. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most popular, with the highest number of users. The idea is to post interesting new ideas – like your new Web3 project – and encourage people to share your posts and build the number of people following your posts.

The newer social media platforms like Telegram, Reddit, and TikTok are rapidly becoming more popular, and should also be used because they have their own advantages; for example, Telegram allows you to create a super-group of up to 200,000 members, to post images, and to speak directly to your target market.

Another new platform that deserves your attention when marketing your Web3 project is Discord. Discord is a free chat app that’s similar to platforms like Skype, TeamSpeak, and Slack. Discord lets you share voice chat, video, and text chat with friends, game communities, and developers.

Discord is geared specifically toward video game players, providing them with ways to find each other, coordinate play, and talk while playing. It allows users to get in touch however they please. It has hundreds of millions of users, making it one of the most popular ways to connect with people online.

Here at infiniteweb3, we feel that the best option is to use ALL of these available platforms, in order to build a substantial base community. Looking for a Discord Developer for your projects? Click here 


Social tokens

Social tokens are very similar to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but with one important difference; they also function like a cryptocurrency. They are like rewards or loyalty tokens and can be exchanged for other services, rather like airline loyalty points.

For a long time, creators and developers have been restricted in their ability to monetize their work and get a fair share of their hard-earned money. That’s because platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, and Tiktok take as much as 45% of their earnings. With social tokens, creators can more fairly monetize their projects because there is no middleman. They also retain artistic control over the project.

Launching your own social token can reward people for buying your product or signing up for your project or any number of other tasks. Social tokens drive interest in your project and allow people to engage in your business. You’re going to end up with an army of people supporting you, and you’re building this ecosystem around your organization from the moment you implement your token strategy. It’s basically like creating your own currency to support your brand.


Email marketing Your Web3 Project

Email marketing campaigns are an excellent way of generating interest in your Web3 Project. You can select a specific audience target, according to your project niche. For example, you could run an email marketing campaign to selected real estate companies about real estate tokenization. These campaigns could be carried out in rotation, concentrating on a different service that you offer each time. You can also target audiences that may not have heard about Web3 yet, and are not aware of the possibilities for their business.


The best way to run an effective email marketing campaign is to write high-quality articles about your project, add them to your website, and then send out the emails with links to the articles that will be of interest to the target. If you want to build an audience for your project, clear information is the key. This will help to transfer your web2 business over to your new Web3 project.


Promote Your Web3 Project by Building Credibility

People always like to see what others think about a product or service. Just think about TripAdvisor, for example. They love to read reviews and testimonials, and you can use this facet of human nature to your advantage when marketing your Web3 project. Here’s how it works; You ask every visitor to your website or project to write a review about your service. You could offer a social token from your project as a reward, to motivate people. Then you add these reviews and testimonials in a prominent position on your website and your business profile on InfiniteWeb3 for new customers to see.


You can also build credibility to promote your Web3 project by sending press releases to top Web3 review websites and then adding these links back to your own website. This will help to build your audience quickly because these sites have massive traffic. The only downside here is the cost of an effective campaign, which can be over $3,000.


Infiniteweb3 can help you to promote your Web3 project using all of the above marketing methods. This will generate much-needed traffic for your project as the Web3 space expands and grows over the next few years. To take advantage of our experience and know-how, book a call with one of our infiniteweb3 advisers today!


Why Use InfiniteWeb3 Market Place

We are promoting and marketing InfiniteWeb3 Market Place in the Web2 world to business owners and individuals who are looking to transform into the Web3 space.

We will promoting our marketplace to business owners and individuals to enlighten them to the web3 world. This will be carried out using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, commnuty Discord and organic and paid adverts, targeted email campaigns and search engines

Everyone wants to know what Web3 is and why its going to have such an effect on the future, the way we do business, and live our lives. We will waken them the Web3, capture the audience so they can see your project on our Market Place

Contact us today for a 15 minute introduction to get your questions answered about promoting your project  Schedule a Call


InfiniteWeb3 is building one of the largest community for everything Web3 to network with other like-minded people, find everything you need to start your own project, Promote your project and stay updated on all new projects entering the space. Subscribe to our community or list your project today.


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