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Stake Real estate Earn crypto with Oceanpoint

Stake Real estate Earn crypto with Oceanpoint

Oceanpoint enables real estate owners to create an additional income stream. By tokenizing your real estate property you are now able to earn an emerging crypto currency called BST. BST is a new form of digital currency that is growing in popularity and acceptance. With Oceanpoint, you can now use your real estate property to earn BST. This can be a great way to generate additional income from your property.


So how does it work?

Oceanpoint is a DIFI Protocol that enables real estate owners to create an additional income stream. By tokenizing your real estate property you are now able to earn an emerging crypto currency called BST. Oceanpoint is an easy and secure way to diversify your investment portfolio and to stay ahead of the curve with the latest in blockchain technology.

If you are a property owner and own at least 10% of your property, you can now stake this percentage share using Oceanpoint property investment protocol and in return earn BST to the proportion of the 10% value of your property

So, for example, if your property is valued at 1 million euros, Giving you 10000 BSPT tokens worth €100,000. Once you receive the BSPT tokens you will be able to stake these in the Asset Pool and get rewarded with BST, the utility token powering Blocksquare’s ecosystem.

Oceanpoint is a unique rewards program that allows property owners to unstake their properties after a 6-month lock-up period, entering into vested pay out (2 years, paid daily) of earned BST rewards.

There are no strings attached and owners can choose to sell their BSPT tokens to Oceanpoint, sell them through the Oceanpoint marketplace, or keep them staked. This flexibility makes Oceanpoint a great option for those looking to maximize their BST token holdings.

The rewards program pays out monthly in BST. The amount of the reward may differ due to current market conditions, but all rewards are worth their dollar value.

Oceanpoint has a Verification process for each property you wish to stake that you have to go through to see if it qualifies for the protocol. Each property will be different and certain requirements have to be met in order for it to be accepted. However, once a property is verified, it can be used to earn rewards through the Oceanpoint protocol.

Don’t own property but would like to participate? Oceanpoint enables investors to participate in the global real estate economy by purchasing BST, and stake them in the governance pool. They now own a share in the first decentralized real estate fund.

Ocean points tokenized property fund is a total decentralised system, maybe the first of its kind in the world, enabling property owners and investors to invest in the pool and earn a great percentage interest on their staked BST tokens. By adding value to the fund this long-term will only increase the price of each token, enabling investors and property owners to earn even higher returns.

If you’re interested in the possibility of tokenising your property and earning rewards, please complete Click here and one of Oceanpoints advisers will contact you.

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