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Dear CoinSmart,

We would like to introduce you to  Infiniteweb3 marketplace. We specialize in helping people learn about Web3 and why it is going to have such a profound effect on the future. We will capture your audience and help them see your project in a new light. We bridge the gap from Web2 to Web3 and allow you to reach a whole new level of potential.

We have added a listing for your company please check it here:


Currently due to the temporary down turn in the market we are not asking for a payment but will still be promoting to all our subscribers via newsletters and writing articles to bring you new customers. We will also be listing new Web3 projects and investment opportunities in our newsletters.

We are also a new project and would appreciate your help in adding a back-link to your listing somewhere on your website. It doesn’t have to be visible.. If you could also get as many people to subscribe and share the word that would also be good.

If you like the project you can donate ETH to this wallet address: infiniteweb3.eth

Please let us know if you require or any information updating or adding to your profile.


Thank you, The Infiniteweb3 Team


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