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Tokenization of real world assets has now extended to precious metals. You no longer need to own physical gold. Gold is hard to store hard to carry around and hard to travel with in a hurry. With VNX gold, you can own gold without worrying about these things. VNX is a digital gold token that is backed by real, physical gold. Each VNX token is equal to 1 gram of gold. VNX is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, so it is secure, transparent, and immutable. You can buy and sell VNX anytime, anywhere.

VNX Gold have a seamless, user-friendly digital platform that allows you to buy and sell precious metals for euro and cryptocurrency and transfer them 24/7 to any ETH wallet in the world. VNX plan to extend their services to silver, platinum and palladium. VNX Gold has a beautifully designed and user-friendly platform that makes buying and selling precious metals easy and convenient. VNX Gold is the perfect platform for those who want to invest in precious metals without the hassle of dealing with traditional banks or brokers.

VNX Gold is dedicated to complying with the regulations and leading standards of investor protections. They believe that you should be able to make transactions with precious metals from anywhere in the world, with complete confidence and protection. VNX Gold is a great choice for those looking for a safe and reliable way to invest in precious metals.

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