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Infinity Void

Infinity Void is an Open, Social, Virtual Reality world. A world with its own economy that provides Virtual Land ownership. It’s a place where people can earn money, build, abide, live, experience, interact and so much more from the comfort of their physical homes.

Phase 1: This phase involves the ability to claim, buy, trade, parcels of virtual land located in infinity void world.

Phase 2: We will deploy the technology which would enable you to enter the VR World. We would be also releasing resources that would help you to build on your land enabling you to monetise your land.


The Hyper-realistic Verse That Offers Opportunity To Work, Play, Connect & Buy


Buy, Rent & Sell Virtual Real Estate

You can own virtual land in Infinity Void and monetise it in infinite ways and increase your virtual real estate portfolio.

Branding & Advertising

If you’re looking to expand your company or product’s footprint both in the metaverse and real verse. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.


Conduct meetings/conferences just like you would do in the real world but with a feel of a physical presence. 


Want to socialise and hang out in the virtual world. Infinity Void provides space for social occasions.

Shopping & Entertainment

Infinity Void enables its users to sell and buy products within the metaverse. Experience your products in 3d before buying it! Showcase your products to existing and new customers.


Enough of business stuff! Like any other open-world game you can experience Infinity Void and take part in various quests, P2E games, and explore our large city map.


There are 3 types of Land segments: Affordable, Luxury & Ultraluxury.


You can purchase these on the Opensea Marketplace

Affordable Collection

Luxurious collection:

Ultraluxury collection:

You can also join our community Discord here to find out more information and ask any questions about our project


Disclaimer: It is a metaverse only. There is no connection of the metaverse with the physical world.


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